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Interperdana Cemerlang

Simplifying the process of IT transformation

Interperdana was founded in Jakarta in 1997 by Indopacific, a seasoned veteran of the IT industry, with a clear understanding that cloud computing is disrupting business as usual and a clear vision: to set the global standard of excellence for delivering upon the promise of technology by simplifying the process of IT transformation.

Recognizing that the pressure is on for IT transformation

During most 17 years managing enterprise technology business units for leading global technology vendors, he concluded that the conventional industry model – where vendors transact products and enterprises attempt to strategically integrate solutions – is deeply flawed. This dichotomy has led to systemic under-delivery by IT, exacerbating the perception of IT’s inability to deliver upon strategic business goals and leaving IT organizations under extraordinary pressure to transform.

Helping companies navigate the sea change of cloud

The result of the silo’ed approach to IT service delivery is that a majority of IT customers today are dissatisfied with their virtualization deployments, which stalls progress around critical business transformation initiatives that extend into the cloud. Because today’s cloud technologies require an unprecedented level of planning, design and implementation skills across multiple complex technology domains, we believe IT customers require a new narrative for change and new partners to support them.