Blade server technology

You told us what you need, and we listened. Our blade servers give you unprecedented memory density and performance to help you:

Improve operational efficiency

Speed the deployment of new blade servers while offering continuous always-on management with the iDRAC7 Lifecycle Controller — agent-free embedded systems management.

Ensure business continuity

Ensure maximum uptime with next-generation reliability, availability and serviceability (RAS) features in fully redundant blade infrastructures designed specifically with virtual environments in mind.

Accomplish more

Our blades give you unparalleled virtualization density with huge memory capacity and throughput in an extremely compact form factor. Don't compromise. Discover our full lineup of Dell M Series blade server solutions today. For more information about Dell blades, contact us ( )

Get your blade solution running quickly

Interperdana with their Dell’s products can help you design and deploy a blade server solution quickly and easily. Our blades and chassis arrive at your door preassembled with no additional charge. The processors, memory and drives are preinstalled at the factory. Our features make deployment and management of your new blades easier. For example, our patented FlexAddress™ dynamic I/O (input/output) addressing technology enables you to set up a chassis full of blades in minutes and swap blades as needed. Media Access Control (MAC) and World Wide Name (WWN) addressing are tied to the blade slots, not to individual blades. By publishing best-practice reference architectures and providing tools and services designed to educate, we simplify technology transitions and empower your staff — not take over your operations.