Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)

Embrace BYOD

In today’s connected world, employees ― from interns to executives ― want to use their personal smartphones, tablets and laptops at work, and many of them already do.

What Is BYOD?

Bring your own device (BYOD) describes the trend in which employees use their personal devices on the job. BYOD disrupts the traditional model in which IT had full control over corporate productivity tools. But it can also drive greater employee productivity without increasing hardware costs — particularly for temporary employees. This trend, called BYOD can pay off for your business, adding as many as 460 productivity hours a year for each mobile employee. But, first you have to address BYOD security and management challenges. Ignoring BYOD is not a viable option.

Create new opportunities with BYOD with Dell Mobility Solutions

With the right plan and policies, you can create a positive user experience, boost both employee and IT productivity and protect your intellectual capital:

Securing the enterprise workspace

Protecting your organization’s information, systems and networks while supporting mobility and BYOD initiatives with Dell solution. Attempted enterprise security breaches are more prevalent than you might realize. A malware intelligence system implemented by researchers at Georgia Tech University is discovering 100,000 new samples of malware every day.

BYOD network

Dell Networking W-Series Wireless solution can help you implement BYOD and guest access networks. Centralized controllers, access points and instant access points coupled with network management and access management solutions provide the security and functionality you need while simplifying deployment and management. Dell Networking W-Series ClearPass Access Management enables you to enhance the security of the wireless network while simplifying management. ClearPass provides visibility into network traffic and allows administrators to define access policies and prioritize traffic. Self-registration capabilities enable employees and guests to gain the access they need while freeing administrators from time-consuming onboarding and provisioning processes.