Converged Infrastructure

Optimize your IT environment with converged infrastructure solutions from Dell

You can significantly improve the efficiency, agility and resiliency of your IT organization — with converged infrastructure. If you find your organization missing deadlines or struggling to respond fast enough to customer demands, if you lack sufficient budget or resources to deliver on critical business initiatives, or are challenged to predictably deliver high-quality services that the business demands — converged infrastructure can help.

What is converged infrastructure?

In its simplest sense, convergence is a means of integrating multiple IT components for better efficiency. When you combine these components — like servers, networking and storage — into a single entity or solution, you can pool and share their collective resources more effectively. You also can simplify and centralize the management of those resources and achieve significant cost savings.

But we believe there's much more to it than that

Most converged solutions on the market focus solely on the infrastructure. With Dell, you benefit from a strategic approach that touches every part of IT: applications, infrastructure and management. We base our solutions on open architecture, flexible delivery models and unified support. From reference architectures to fully pre-engineered installations, we help you achieve an automated data center platform that provides these primary benefits:

Dell Active Infrastructure pulls it all together for you

Dell Active Infrastructure accelerates the delivery of IT services with a workload-optimized, automated and integrated infrastructure. It gives you an open and heterogeneous architecture, template-based automation and end-to-end support. This not only greatly reduces your time-to-value and lowers your costs, but it can enable you to respond more rapidly to dynamic business needs, maximize efficiency and offer consistent, high-quality IT services. Our portfolio comprises:

Dell Advantages We do convergence better

In a market filled with competitors offering proprietary, complex, fragmented and expensive solutions, Dell stands out uniquely because we address more than just the infrastructure. We give you:

Don’t just maintain — innovate

Dell Active Infrastructure empowers you to respond more rapidly to dynamic business needs, maximize efficiency and strengthen your IT service quality. When you accomplish these things, you evolve from an infrastructure-centered, maintenance-focused IT organization to one of innovation that drives business growth. Make the transition with agile, efficient and high-quality convergence solutions from Dell.

Agile IT

Because Dell pre-integrated Active Systems and reference architectures are open and heterogeneous — not proprietary — they quickly and easily interoperate with your existing architecture and can integrate with architectures you may evolve to in the future. This fast interoperability and flexibility empowers you to respond to changing business needs with greater agility. Our Active Infrastructure solution delivers:

Efficient IT

With Dell Active Infrastructure, you can ditch the piecemeal approaches that drive inefficiency and high cost. We help you achieve efficiency across the IT service delivery spectrum, starting with time-saving, pre-integrated Active Systems that are managed by Active System Manager — a single tool that dramatically reduces the number of steps required to deploy IT services. Combined with our unified services and support, you gain efficiency advantages like:

High-quality, end-to-end convergence solutions

With Dell, you get an end-to-end converged solution, including unified support and advanced monitoring and optimization software to keep your IT services running at peak performance. Conversely, our competitors offer limited options and fragmented solutions that can ultimately impact the quality of your IT services. With Dell solutions you can:

Converged Infrastructure Products and Services

The Active Infrastructure family helps you easily deliver virtualized resource pools for applications, virtual desktop infrastructure and private clouds. These solutions combine servers, storage, networking and infrastructure systems management. You can deploy our Active Infrastructure family in any of these ways: